Our Mission And Vision

Our Mission

       As a department that provides services by its staff who are able to research, follow the technology, make discussion, communicate, trust itself, act responsibly, participate, produce and create and be at peace with the society and themselves, our mission is to ensure that we perform the duties specified in the regulations in the most appropriate and timely manner and the university personnel work with the feeling of full job security, far from worries and anxiety, with high spirits and motivation.


  Our Vision

         Within the scope of the configuration of our university, which has undertaken the duty of raising high quality individuals for the future of both our country and humanity, in accordance with the requirements of modern management approach with sufficient equipment and human resources, our vision is to enable the staff to use the technological tools of the modern age and to improve themselves, also allowing the staff to be equipped with all kinds of knowledge and to raise their qualification to the top level, as much as to contribute to the institutionalization that will make them proud to be a member and that grounds on the human factor.