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Higher Education Institutions Service Ethics Contract

Aksaray University Security Investigation and Archive Research Form

In 2547 our university law 50 / d tasks in accordance with Article 33 of the same Law of Research assistants / a decision on the matter within the scope of the criteria to be applied in transition

Green Passport Form

Grey Passport Form

Family Assistance Notice

Academic Promotion and Appointment Criteria Guidelines

Appointment Application Form

Form (People for the Future)

Form B (for People to Go)

Staff Request Form

Bail Act

ID Card Application Form

Instructor Mandate Extension Form

Teaching Appointment Membership File Preparation Guide

Lecturer Staff Applications Scoring Table

Biography and Works List

Teaching Assistant Professorship Staff to be assigned to CV Form

New Assigned Application Data Sheet

Overseas Assignment Information Form

Registration Certificate for Teaching Staff

Instructor Application Form

Goods Declaration Form

Higher Education Council Civil Defence Form

Consent Form

Civil Servants Oath Document

Installing the Ordinary Shares of Public Employees and Muteber Signed Joint Bail Act