About Us


        The Directorate of Personnel Affairs, which was founded by the Law No. 5467 published in the Official Gazette dated 17.03.2006 and numbered 26111 fulfills the duties indicated in the Article No. 29 of the delegated legislation on Administrative Organization of Higher Education Supreme Institutions and Higher Education Institutions numbered 51 and 124 of the Law No. 2547.

       These duties are ;

       a)      Performing works on planning the labor force and the personnel policy of the university and making suggestions on the development of personnel system,

       b)      Carrying out operations regarding the assignment, personal rights and retirement of the university personnel,

       c)      Organizing and implementing inservice training programs for the administrative personnel,

       d)      Carrying out similar duties that will be assigned.

        The Directorate of Personnel Affairs is currently performing service with academic, administrative, staff-registry and inservice training-statistics sections on the 3rd floor of the Rectorate Building located in the Aksaray Central Campus.